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Welcome to our        

Wawona is an inholding- a private community within Yosemite National Park boundaries


This is our river.  The South Fork of the Merced. Our home is next to the water.  It's nice to hear the river at night.

We lived here when the children were young.  We still have many friends in Wawona.  It is my favorite place on earth.

Our dining room has a pass-through window to make serving and clean-up easier.  You can step out onto the larger porch and see the river and woods.


Living Room

Our living room was our activity center when the children were little.  A fire at night was delightful.  Sometimes we all slept downstairs.

The Wawona Hotel was built in the late 1800s. 

 National Park

This is the Wawona meadow near the golf course.




You can rent our  home in Wawona.  

You can rent our  home in Wawona.